How The Wall was constructed

In 2013,it was decided to build a modern climbing wall in the Business City “Technopark” in Lviv.The whole cycle of works: development of the concept, design, construction and commission in gof the climbing wall, sold a group of Ukrainianprofessional sportsmen. Among them: ZMS Maxim Stenkovoy – Worldand European Champion, MSIC Paukaev Alexander – silver medal is tof the European Championship, ISU Kleshnov Stanislav – bronze medal is tof the World Cup Final, ISU Zhigarev Andrew -Ukraine Championship finalists CCM Doroshenko Sergey – multipleprizewinner Ukrainian competitions , Bakun Alexander – the soul of the company, not an athlete, bu thasalrea dy took partin building of 5-climbing walls. In the summer of 2014 was the start of construction, just one month, and all climbing wall was made in Kiev, mail sent to the Lviv. During one month it was collected in the walls of “Technopark”, now this is unique example of co-operation can be assessed by visiting «TheWall».